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Types of Acne Scars
The term "scarring" refers to a fibrous process in which new collagen is laid down to heal an injury. It affects 30% of those with moderate or severe acne vulgaris. Most people will have acne scars that are mild. However, some will have scars that look significant even to others. There are a number of different looking scars caused by acne. They can be classified as follows:

Ice pick scars: Deep pits that are the most common and a classic sign of acne scarring.
Boxcar scars: Angular scars that usually occur on the temple and cheeks, and can be either superficial or deep. These are similar to chickenpox scars.
Hypertrophic scars: Thickened, or keloid scars.
Rolling scars: Scars that give the skin a wave-like appearance.