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The Myths Surrounding Acne
Acne is caused by certain foods. This is not true. All too many studies have found no connection between diet and acne. Neither chocolate, French fries, or pizza cause acne. If you happen to be one of the few who actually are affected by a certain food, then don't eat it! As a general rule, however, your body will always respond better to a good diet and lots of water.

Acne is caused by stress. This is not true, especially in young people. If anything, stress may worsen acne. The worsening of acne from stress is because more sebum, or oil, is released when you are stressed out.

You have to grow out of acne. This is not true a lot of the time. There are many products and methods for treating acne. If nothing is working for you, always see a dermatologist.

Acne is just a cosmetic disease. It is obvious that acne can worsen your looks and can result in permanent physical scars; however, it is usually never life-threatening. This does not mean acne is a simple cosmetic disease though. Acne and its negatives can affect the way people feel about themselves to the point of affecting their lives. If someone doesn't handle their life properly, acne can become a type of mental disease as well.

Acne is caused by poor hygiene. This is not true. Acne is caused by extra skin and oil, but if you wash your skin hard and too often, you can make your acne worse. Remember: acne is not caused by dirt or surface skin oils; therefore, 'over washing' your epidermis will not help.